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Upcoming Events of Christ Embassy with Pastor Chris

Christmas Eve Service With Pastor Chris

Exceptional celebrations of the birth of the Jesus Christ with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will feature artistes from the LoveWorld music and art ministry. These musicians and other professionals will render special music and art ministrations to the masses. Melodious carols will be the vital part of this celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

New Year’s Eve Global Service with Pastor Chris

This special event will hold on the 31st of December 2016 at the prestigious LoveWorld Convocation Arena, Lagos, Nigeria. A Large number of people are expected to gather for this event where the man of God will speak fruitful and edifying words that will also give directions for the New Year. Apart from all those who will be present at this event, millions others will connect to this program through web and mobile platforms.

Some outreach programs held by Christ Embassy

Youth Outreach Program

A member of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum (GYLF) in the United Kingdom, Deba Erhabor, reached out to youths in his campus with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He received the Gospel through the spiritual teaching provided by Christ Embassy. He had joined GYLF to see the power of God prevail on his campus like never before.

He organised a special youth outreach program where he preached to different young people. Through his teaching, he made people realize the truth that abides in the Word of God.

“Great Mess to Greatness”- Special Youth Outreach Program In India

About 3,000 youths attended the program held by GYLF. More than 1,500 people gave their hearts to Christ. To join GYLF, click on

Events organised in the month of October 2016

Miracle Healing and Impartation Services with Pastor Benny Hinn

Lives will be transformed for forever in the month of October 2106, when two of the worlds’ most renowned Christian Ministers, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome DSc. DD. and Pastor Benny Hinn, will jointly host a two day event tagged Miracle Healing and Impartation Services at LoveWorld Convocation Arena, in Lagos Nigeria on the 28th and 29th October 2016. Thousands are expected to be present at the arena.  Others will join this special event on internet, social media apps and other platforms such as LoveWorld TV Mobile and CeFlix Live TV.

The arena is well-equipped with modern amenities and all the services are absolutely free of charge. Only registration is required for attending this event. To participate to this historic event, click the

In a rather exciting mood, Pastor Benny Hinn said, “I can’t wait to be part of the precious worship, ministry, miracles, and impartation of the anointing. I invite everyone throughout West Africa to join me for all that God has planned for us there!”

About Christ Embassy

Christ Embassy is a global church founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in Lagos, Nigeria in 1990. It organises numerous outreach programs and healing sessions through its various arms all over the world. The global Christian ministry also publishes a number of devotional books, mostly authored by Rev Chris. You can purchase eBooks from