Christ Embassy Transforms the Lives of 115 Prison Inmates and Launches New Church in Mzuzu Prison, Malawi

The word of God certainly is at work in Christ Embassy. Stories of how many have been touched through this ministry are too numerous to mention. From taking over countries with the word of God through their daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities, to breaking the norm of reaching out to people in places that might seem impenetrable.

People have witnessed passionate and zealous members of the church go into places such as night clubs to preach the Gospel and the result has been astonishingly remarkable. They also go as far as prisons and government parastatals to preach to people in government. They have gone as far as teaching them how to even download and operate the ministry mobile apps.


The members certainly exhibit a special kind of boldness which can be termed extraordinary and have thus broken boundaries with this same Spirit. Through their numerous programmes and campaigns, many have been set ablaze for the Gospel as there has been a major explosion in the spread of the message of Jesus globally.

Recently one of their exploits produced astounding results like never before. 115 prison inmates gave their hearts to Christ, passed through foundation school and graduated ceremoniously with 598 people in attendance to witness the glorious occasion.

God’s manifest presence was experienced at the first-ever Foundation School Graduation in Mzuzu Prison, Malawi, as 115 inmates were recognised for completing a curriculum that ensures their footing in God’s Word.


Even when I received Jesus Christ, I thought that the Holy Spirit is wind, and I was condemned; after attending all the classes of Foundation School, I now know and understand that the Holy Spirit is God, and I am no longer condemned. I am now ready to serve God with all that I have,” Brother Steve Maseko, one of the top 3 graduates, testified.


Charged up to greater levels with the word of God and insights from the Holy Ghost through Pastor Sammy Anistar, Malawi North Group Pastor, the graduates looked into their future with an assurance in the Word of God. 41 new souls gave their lives to Christ at the event, which was attended by 598 inmates and officers.

Every graduate and officer received a copy of the Rhapsody Bible, and most notably, the graduation also doubled as a Christ Embassy Church was launched in the prison. With all these being said, Christ Embassy is gradually making her mark in different territories of the world and will soon become a household name worldwide.