Christ Embassy Takes The Gospel of Jesus Christ To Iceland

Iceland is a country that embraced Christianity since 1000 AD. Nearly all Icelandic religious followers are Christian, and the vast majority of these are Lutheran. With a low turnout in churches , Christ Embassy has embarked on a mission to bring the people of Iceland in accordance with the message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The regional leader of Global Youth Leaders Forum(GYLF) United Kingdom Region, Sharon Oyakhilome (a.k.a. CSO), led her team of youths as they embarked on a mission to Iceland and organised a GYLF Leadership Training Programme in the month of July.

In accordance with the objectives of the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum, the programme was aimed at raising young people to become ardent propagators of the Gospel in their world.

In her opening address, Sharon Oyakhilome briefly highlighted the importance of global youth development, particularly among Christian youths. She went on to exhort the youths with a teaching on ‘The Chosen Generation’. Citing 1 Peter 2:9, Sharon expounded on the purpose of the life of a Christian youth, and how valuable they are to God. She said, “You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a special breed and you have been set apart unto God. You were created to proclaim the excellencies, the wonderful deeds, the virtues and perfections of our heavenly Father in this world. That’s why you’re here on earth, and you mustn’t let anything distract you from your purpose and calling!”

With certainty, these young people will return to their locales with renewed zeal to establish righteousness and exalt the Kingdom of God. The Global Youth Leaders’ Forum is dedicated to constantly training the younger generation; equipping and inspiring them for their role in God’s end-time plan in the earth.

The GYLF is a notable organisation that has become a frontliner in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. The noble youths of this organisation don’t see themselves as minors anymore but agents of change filled with the power and authority of the Holy Ghost and are ready to shake their world for Jesus.