Christ Embassy Shows Love to 800 Homeless people in South Africa

The ministry of Christ Embassy has been a pacesetter in terms of rendering a helping hand to people. They don’t only execute  this role but also train and encourage others to do the same irrespective of who or where they are.

Not long ago, youths from the GYLF forum reached out to senior citizens in Australia. Also, the people of Ekrejeta, Delta State, Nigeria were greeted with a free deworming exercise for children and adults by the Believers’ Loveworld  Zone A , Innercity Mission partners.

This time members of Christ Embassy South Africa Zone 2 fed 800 homeless citizens in honour of their Pastor, Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye as he celebrated his birthday. What a way to celebrate !

The people at the shelter were shown the liquid love of Christ as a meal specially made for them was served to each individual. The Gospel was preached and hope restored through the distribution of theRhapsody of Realities to young children and senior citizens housed at the shelter. The brethren ministered to the sick and led several of them to Christ, distributing items such as free clothing to both young and old.

During the visitation on Tuesday, August 9, beneficiaries at the shelter were full of gratitude to God, while the brethren were thankful for the example set at the December 7 Day of Service by the Man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome.

Many Christian bodies or organisations today have embarked on many credible humanitarian services which in turn supports the noble cause of international  NGOs worldwide.

Christ Embassy Church has not been found wanting in such activities as the ministry also established her own faith-based NGO, The InnerCity Mission which reaches out to Indigent children and families and even other NGOs  that are walking on the same path of love.

This gesture from the Man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome and those who share and partner in his vision, has gone further in restoring hope and letting people know that even in this world filled with the wickedness of men ,LOVE still abounds.