Christ Embassy Sapele Responds to the Cry of Indigent Children

Psychological research has demonstrated that living in poverty has a wide range of negative effects on the physical and mental health and well-being of children. It impacts children within their various contexts at home, in school, and in their neighbourhoods and communities.  Poverty is also linked with negative conditions such as poor housing, homelessness, inadequate nutrition and food insecurity, little or no child care, lack of access to health care, unsafe neighbourhoods, and underresourced schools which adversely impact our children.

Poorer children and teens are also at greater risk for several negative outcomes such as poor academic achievement, school dropout, abuse and neglect, behavioural and socioemotional problems, physical health problems, and developmental delays. These effects are compounded by the barriers children and their families encounter when trying to access physical and mental health care.

With children facing challenges such as these, one would agree that if the issue of child poverty isn’t taken care of, we all stand at risking our future by delivering it to the hands of psychologically incompetent individuals who will have no knowledge of how to rule a nation.

On this premise, Christ Embassy birthed the Innercity Mission for indigent children and families, an initiative of Rev Chris Oyakhilome.  Members of the noble church have become partners with Rev Chris in ensuring that the plight of homeless children is alleviated.


Through various outreaches and benefit concerts, satellite churches all over Nigeria and the world including some other organisations have been able to raise funds and provide materials needed to sustain the children at the InnerCity Mission as well as some other charitable organisations working for the same cause.


Christ Embassy Sapele hosted her 2nd edition of a benefit concert tagged “Love and Laughter Concert” which held on the 29th of May 2016 and it was indeed a day to remember!

The awareness and fundraising event was put together as a show of support for the work of the InnerCity Mission for Children. Weeks before the event, partners and invited guests purchased Support Access Cards of different categories and the funds realised were donated to the InnerCity Mission for Children.


LMAM stars, Joe Praize, Assent Tweed, Tru South, Ur Flames, Bishop Chancy, Ambassadors, Jude Sax, Mc Richman and others ministered to the partners, alongside Christ Embassy Sapele’s choir. Joy, laughter and excitement filled the hall as the artistes inspired everyone.

As a result of the program, partners entrenched themselves more in the plight of the less privileged, sponsoring warm meals for indigent children, basic hygiene kits, back-to-school kits and more. Representatives of the InnerCity Mission played several videos of success stories to motivate the crowd. Partners also had the opportunity to hear firsthand from kids impacted by the InnerCity Mission as some of the kids were present to share their testimonies. There was also a mini exhibition showcasing the work and products of the InnerCity Mission.


A major high-point of the event was the adoption of Life-forth Orphanage by partners in Christ Embassy Sapele as an extension of the work of the InnerCity Mission in Sapele. The orphanage also received free gifts of food items donated by partners.

Much appreciation went to Pastor Niyi Moyede and partners of Christ Embassy Sapele who made a great difference in the lives of indigent children by putting together an initiative such as this.

You can be a part of what the InnerCity Mission is doing by organising a fundraiser. Visit or send an email to for more details.Remember, every child counts because “…every child is your child!” – Rev Chris Oyakhilome.