Christ Embassy Equips 360 Rehabilitation Centre Rooms in Germany with Rhapsody of Realities


Christ Embassy Brethren took advantage of Germany’s Unification Day to reach patients of a rehabilitation centre.

As the nation of Germany commemorated the unification of west and East Germany on the October 3, a national holiday, brethren from Christ Embassy churches throughout Germany, stormed their cities with a colourful ReachOut Campaign.


Christ Embassy Bremen ceased the opportunity to express liquid love in a charitable work as brethren cleaned the facility of the Median Rehabilitation Centre, ministering to several patients, doctors and staff as they distributed the Messenger Angel. Many were led to Christ and a total of 360 rooms equipped with the Rhapsody of Realities.


Residents of Lambertistift, a home for the elderly in the city of Oldenburg, also received copies of the #1 daily devotional. The avowed intent of the brethren was indeed made obvious as the spreading was unstoppable because of increased grace that was and is still at work in them.


Christ Embassy is known for her generous deeds and how the number one devotional in the world, Rhapsody has touched lives around the world. Through this primary evangelistic tool, countless souls have embraced the salvation of Christ Jesus that has been given freely to all. The book which has been translated into over 800 languages has been accepted worldwide and has thus become the most translated book in the world.

The book in its simplicity covers teachings of the Bible inspired by the Holy Ghost, authored by Rev Chris Oyakhilome. The daily devotional has been an instrument of healing for some and also a life saver for many who were either depressed or about to take their own lives.


The testimonies are indeed numerous and unfathomable and this can only be because of the power that dwells in this great book. Rhapsody of Realities is indeed more than a reality.