Christ Embassy- Building Youths for a Life of Excellence

The youths of today are faced with diverse challenges. An estimated 238 million or more young people live in poverty. More than 25 million are unable to read and write. And close to 30 million are unemployed.  In 2011, it was reported that 20 million out-of-school adolescents lived in countries affected by conflict, with today’s estimations much larger.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, the current administration and those past have failed to realise the relevance in appointing youths as members of the federal executive council. The reason being that youth are inexperienced to function in such positions.

Millions of youths continue to face challenges and undergo associated psychological impacts, but efforts are being made to end the problem of poverty among youths in our world today.

In a generation that is in dire need of inspiration, the Teens Ministry of Christ Embassy Aba Zone, armed with the life-changing gospel of the BLW Nation, set out to impact the lives of thousands of teenagers in a ‘Teens Conference‘ with the esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Felix Ebuade.

The meeting, which had teenagers in attendance from churches across the zone and different secondary schools in Abia state, Nigeria, held at the prestigious Christ Embassy WWC auditorium. The program featured dance and music presentations and a talk show with reputable Teens Ministry leaders.

Stimulated by the various presentations, the teenagers paid keen attention as Pastor Felix shared on ‘the Christian Teenager, One With a Difference‘. With the inspiration received, all 1,600 teenagers present prophesied into their futures, openly declaring their determination to live for Jesus. 86 of them gave their hearts to Christ, and 211 received the Holy Spirit.

Chuck Danes said, “The Potential Of The Human Mind Is Subject To, And Limited Only By,Our Individual Beliefs or Unbelief As To Whether We Can Accomplish A Thing Or Not. Human Mind Power is evidenced by the fact that we always get to be right”.

God has endowed us with a powerful tool which if utilised maximally can attain its full potential. What better way is there to understand and tap into the power of the mind than to study the best selling book of Rev Chris Oyakhilome titled ‘THE POWER OF THE MIND’.

Every teenager present at the meeting received a copy of the mind management manual, ‘The Power of Your Mind‘.  Without a doubt, the right seeds have been sown into hearts so tender and young, and hopefully, we expect to see a great positive change in the youths of our generation.