Christ Embassy Blesses North and Central America with the Message of Jesus

2016 has so far been eventful and like never before we have witnessed the unstoppable spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. This has been made possible through various outreaches, conferences, programmes and much more.  One of the ways through which this was made possible was a Pastors’ and Leaders’ Conference with Rev Tom Amenkhienan.


The first session of the epochal Conference with BLW Director of Church Ministry, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, was a truly remarkable episode. There were over a thousand ministers from 20 countries across North and Central America at this Conference, and each one of them was tremendously blessed by the wonderful ministrations of the Spirit.


Those who attended were fed with beautiful moments of prayer, praise and worship that elevated them during the program.

In a rousing session of the Word, Rev. Tom emphasised the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit. He taught extensively on the person of the Holy Spirit who is the Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener and Standby. He said, “When you are born again and filled with the Holy Ghost, you’re not alone. In ministry, there is someone inside you that is helping and energising you for life and for ministry.”


Undoubtedly, this conference will make a great impact on the spread of the Gospel all over the world. It’s a new level of revelation and understanding, and the delegates at the Pastors’ & Leaders’ Conference will be taken higher as the program continues.

Just as the president and founder of Christ Embassy, Rev Chris Oyakhilome has said, this year will experience the unstoppable spread of the gospel of Jesus to all nations and this programme is proof to the world that these words are fast becoming a reality.