Children and Adults in Ekrejeta Community, get Free Deworming Treatment Courtesy of Christ Embassy’s InnerCity Mission

Intestinal infection is one of the leading causes of stomach ache in children and sometimes adults.  Such infections are mostly caused by intestinal parasites such as worms. These worms then live in the intestine and feed on one’s nutrition, rendering the victim ill.

Coming in contact with infected surfaces, inadequate hand washing, improper hygiene, consuming infected food or water are some of the common causes of worm infections and this is the case for some in underdeveloped parts of the world.

In Nigeria, many areas are noted for their slums that are inhabited by people who cannot afford to live a decent life with the necessary amenities needed. Despite the fact that the government continuously claims to provide certain needs for her citizens, it is without a doubt that these imaginary provisions seem to be rather insufficient or inaccessible.

For those who reside in these areas, worm infections and in some cases, infestations take its toll on the innocent ones present especially the children. For this reason, Partners of Believers’ LoveWorld Zone A, in collaboration with the InnerCity Mission, organised a deworming treatment to rid 252 children and 27 adults in Ekrejeta Community, Delta State, of harmful and unpleasant parasites.

After ministering the Word of God and turning about 150 souls to Christ, a training in hygiene practices followed, after which the children sanitised their hands for the deworming exercise.

Being aware of the risks involved in worm infections after the enlightenment, the residents of Ekrejeta Community, Delta State expressed their gratitude to the President and Founder of the InnerCity Mission, Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome for his support in fortifying the health of the residents and every other person who benefitted from the exercise.

Nevertheless, here are some healthy habits that can keep you and your children worm- free;

  Inculcate the habit of frequently and thoroughly washing your hands in clean water with a good antibacterial soap.

  It’s a good idea to introduce hand sanitizers to your shopping list.

  Teach your children to drink clean, filtered or boiled water. Practice the same at home.

  Make sure your kids change their undergarments daily .

  Wash their bedding, pillow covers, blanket etc. regularly .

  Sterilise your toddler’s toys.

  Encourage your kids to play in dry areas and not splash in muddy puddles as these horde millions of germs .

  Make sure that your  vegetables and meat are thoroughly washed with salt and properly cooked before consumption.

  Keep your kid’s nails well trimmed. Show them how dirt collects under long fingernails and must be kept clean.

  Washing hands thoroughly before eating anything should be a rule!

  Teach potty hygiene.

  Do not share towels and undergarments.

  Teach your kids to shower regularly. Practice thorough cleaning of private parts.

  Clean your house thoroughly and with proper disinfectants.

  Allow plenty of sunshine in your kid’s room. Some worms are sensitive to light and nothing is better than letting the sun do this job!