Child Care & Support Programs – Enriching the Lives of Neglected Children


The Child Care & Support Programs are initiated by the renowned InnerCity Mission for Children with a noble motive to provide care and support to hapless children by all manner of means.

The InnerCity Mission Child Care & Support Programs intended to improve the safety and protection of children within home-like environment. Here are some programs being run under Child Care & Support Programs to protect and nourish childhood.

The ICM4C Home

It goes without saying that a child’s development is best achieved within a family environment. And ICM4C provides exactly the same. Abandoned and orphaned children are given family-style and residential care so they can create happy memories of their childhood to reminiscent. Along with this, children are provided mental, emotional and social support to ensure their overall development.

Orphanage Support Program

As the name suggests, this program is dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of orphaned children. In order to ensure bright future of waifs, The InnerCity Mission for Children adopts orphanages and ensures to provide them food and other essential supplies. Along with this, it sponsors special projects in order to tackle any special need.

Send Portions

The InnerCity Mission for Children is concentrated on making every child smile their heart out. And this is why; it celebrates every occasion extravagantly so as to make every child relish each moment of their childhood. Christmas is the time when special activities and get-together are arranged. The organization – The InnerCity Mission for Children – goes by the Word of God mentioned in Nehemiah 8:10b and celebrate Christmas with children living in the inner cities by arranging them feast.

Children’s Fiestas

The Children’s Fiesta is a fun-day organized to bring a splash of color into the life unfortunate, indigent children.  The fiestas are planned to coincide with important dates such as Easter, Children’s Day, etc. It is a program specially designed to bring joy into the lives of children living in the inner city. In this manner, these children experience love of God in the most practical way.

Summer Dream Trip

Travelling is the best way to invoke imagination of a child. When children to different places, learn things, they become curious about new things and take interest in learning facts. The Summer Dream Trip is basically a unique play and learns initiative arranged during the Summer Holidays. During the trip, children are taken to exotic locations so they can learn while having fun to the fullest.

“Your imaginative ability is your creative ability” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

You can also contribute towards building future of indigents by:

  • Sponsorship of Upgrade of hostel facility
  • Sponsorship of Scholarships for children
  • Sponsorship family support
  • Sponsorship welfare and care packages

Sponsorship orphanage support