Invest in a Child Today

Our attitude towards children matters a lot. Do we neglect them or pay proper attention to their needs and observe their pattern of development. Most people don't and give one excuse or the other. It may be challenging as a parent, guardian or even an individual but the fact remains that if we don't cultivate the habit of taking proper care of these young ones, then we should prepare for the worst in the future. The Future? Yes, the future because irrespective of what you think or feel, th...

The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy Represented at 71st UN General Assembly

The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy, an NGO birthed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has gained notable recognition among the United Nations. At the 71st UN General Assembly, the InncerCity Mission for Children (IMC4C) was represented fully. Presidents and prime ministers from 193 member states met at the 71st UN General Assembly at the United Nations Headquarters in New York this September, to discuss the state of indigent and vulnerable children, among other issues. The InnerCity Mission was ...

The InnerCity Mission Gives Indigent Children and Families a Reason to Celebrate

The festive season around the world, especially in Nigeria, is one that is highly anticipated and celebrated by individuals. Amidst economic situations staring everyone in the face, people still find a way of celebrating no matter what. These times are marked with good or bad memories for some. For those who have a reason to celebrate, they do it at whatever cost and for those who don’t, the reason may not be far fetched. For Instance, the easter period that marks the significant death, buria...

The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy, an Organisation Committed to Saving The Future

Every day children are faced with one major challenge or the other and they tend to rely on their parents for support. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most children who survive on the streets, some without parents and some with parents who can barely take care of them. These children have been made to pass through certain ordeals and with no one to turn to , these children are left to fend for themselves. Some die in the process while the others that managed to survive have little or ...

The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy- Committed to Building Generation Next

According to statistics, poverty kills one child every 3 seconds. If truly this is correct, then there is need to take action quickly to change the status quo. Children are usually the primary victims of poverty. Take, for instance, 9-year-old Chioma; gifted with a melodious voice and dreams of being a music minister with a difference. She has no parents, no means of survival, and begs for alms just to survive; her dreams seem so distant. “INDIGENT” – A word that classifies the poor, needy, ...

The InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy -Keeping The Hopes of the Indigent Child Alive

It's sad to hear children say there is no hope for them. The little ones in our society are often times left alone in the dark and with no one to come to their aid, they are left to face life’s harsh conditions and in turn out to become a problem to the society. Some of these children are seen in refuse dumps, roadside drainages, shacks and sometimes areas that are life threatening. This was the case of Oliver, Amina and Kemi . As they walked the streets, their faces covered in dirt, dress...

The Innercity Mission

Still, on the dire straits of children living in poverty, you will agree that children raised in the families with lower income are disadvantaged in numerous aspects in comparison with those from economically well-established families. Studies have demonstrated that children from families, which can be classified as poor, have lower birth weight, higher risk of infant mortality. An economically disadvantaged environment influences children negatively as children from those environments are...

An Insight on The Innercity Mission of Christ Embassy

Statistics show that every year, 5.8 million children die from hunger-related causes , that’s 16,000 young lives lost every day while more than 10 million children die of hunger and preventable diseases – that’s over 30,000 per day, or one every 3 seconds. With the zeal to change the statistics, Rev Chris Oyakhilome set up a faith-based NGO, the InnerCity Mission for Kids. Over the years a lot has been done to improve the lives of indigent children and families across the world, especially Ni...

The Innercity Mission of the Ministry of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome

The Innercity Mission, a ministry arm of Christ Embassy, dedicated to catering to the needs of Indigent children and families recently hosted an Arts and Photography Exhibition, tagged 'Beauty for Ashes'. The exhibition was aimed at telling the stories of the children and families that have benefited from this faith-based NGO through showcasing a collection of pictures telling the untold stories of the plight and restoration of indigent children and poor families reached. The ongoing exhib...