BLW Kids Have Fun in God’s Presence at UK Virtual Zone 4’s Children’s Party

Just as the scriptures admonishes all Christians to train a child the right way with God’s precepts, Christ Embassy Church has unfailingly fulfilled this obligation and continuously strives to imprint the word of God in the hearts of children worldwide.

At Christ Embassy, children are being  taught the word of God with special ministry materials made for them. Their teachers undergo regular training programmes that enable them teach the children with exceptional skills.


Every year special programmes are organised for children in Christ Embassy and they, in turn, being impacted by the word, carry the God-given mandate with them and exhibit Christ-like character everywhere they go.

In the same Spirit, It was all fun and joy as several children and parents from across UK Virtual Zone 4 gathered at the Christ Embassy Barking auditorium for a special Children’s Party.

In the midst of the excitement on September 3, the BLW UK International Office introduced an array of materials graciously made available by our man of God for children all over the world. Ricky and Kim’s mascots made it more special for the kids, leading them in dance and other fun activities while presenting gifts to birthday celebrants.

The kids had their faces painted, engaged in balloon modelling, played in a bouncy castle and participated in singing competitions. There were lots of refreshments and prizes to go around, as the party rounded off in special blessings and prophecies declared over all the children present.


A time of fun , celebration and educative activities should constantly be a part of our children’s lives and Christ Embassy is making sure that the lives of the little ones are lit up through fun-filled activities inspired by the word of God.