August Communication Service With Rev.Chris Oyakhilome

Over the years our Man of God has guided us monthly by releasing Holy Spirit inspired themes for every month, guiding us as we make it through each year.

From January till now, through the Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome, The Spirit of God has been giving us divine directions to enable us to have a victorious month with unending testimonies.

The month of July was the month of ‘Increased wealth’ and many experienced the power of God mightily in their finances and in every area of their lives.
Testimonies keep pouring in prior to the word of the month for July and it has been remarkable. To watch or listen to some of the testimonies go to

The recently held Communion service held with Rev Chris Oyakhilome was met with great expectations as hungry hearts were satisfied in an atmosphere of fellowship and truth at the Communion Service.

Thousands around the world participated in churches and fellowship and via satellite and the Internet with expectant hearts for the Word of the Spirit for the month, to receive answers to their questions and to fellowship with the saints at a time appointed by God.  There were highlights of the June Healing School Session in Nigeria, the International Cell Leaders’ Conference 2016 and the 7th International Music Concert as many were inspired and filled with emotion as they watched with joy.

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome took his followers through God’s Word as he talked about the importance of Intercession. Reading from several scriptures, including Ephesians 6:18 and Galatians 4:19, The man of God introduced the Greek word, ‘synantilambanomai‘, translated ‘helpeth‘ in Romans 8:26, which means ‘to strive to obtain together with‘ or ‘to take hold together with against‘. This word sheds light on intercession as a partnership with God to take the place of another in prayer.

We join the Lord to enforce His purposes on earth,” he said, painting a picture of  prayer exercise in this glorious month. The man of God went on to instruct us, saying “take the place of that one that is suffering or in danger and pray as though it was you in that situation.” He then led everyone through a time of Spiritual exercise- a time of prayer before commencing the communion.

He declared the month of August as the month of INTERCESSION and also admonished everyone watching to take out time to Pray and intercede for as many that the Spirit of God lays in our hearts.

He further added that frivolous  things should be kept aside and special time should be created for prayer. Finally, he didn’t leave out the fact that Pastors, Leaders and mentors should be prayed for, knowing fully that there is an immeasurable benefit we get from this.

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