An ‘Unforgettable Experience’ at Christ Embassy Ologbo’s Outreach

The outreach organised by Christ Embassy Ologbo will indeed be an unforgettable one for those who attended . Diverse miracles took place as the power of the Holy Ghost took over-exalting the name of Jesus Christ in the lives of those present.

Countless supernatural events were witnessed and 1,000 attendees were  transported to new heights as many got  healed, through God’s Word at the outreach.


The deaf heard, the dumb spoke, meningitis was healed and many testified at Christ Embassy Ologbo’s ‘Unforgettable Experience‘. The program, set to lift, empower and heal, saw an exuberant congregation of over 1,000 throng the venue.


Inspiring ministrations from the choir, a robotic dance performance by Onome, solo ministrations by Jude Sax, Allen Benson and comedy by the sensational Bishop Chikancy charged the atmosphere. Everyone was prepared to receive the engrafted word which came with power, and the brethren were transported to new heights by God’s Spirit.


Pastor Godfrey Wealth-Isigie taught on the eternal life of God that gives peace, love, protection, hope and all that is required for life. Absorbing these words, attendees received divine enablement to apply the truth of God’s word in every situation. Pastor Godfrey ministered to many who were healed of diverse ailments. A woman who had been using crutches for 2 years as a result of an accident started walking unaided. New souls were also added to the Kingdom.


The people of Ologbo witnessed the mighty hand of God as God’s divine presence stirred great faith in the community.

Ologbo and the rest of the world have only experienced a small fraction of the glorious things that go on in Christ Embassy and will soon be overwhelmed by the electrifying and transforming power of God the next time Christ Embassy storms the area.