Adamawa State Turns to God for a Miracle as Christ Embassy Holds Yola Miracle Crusade

As we know, Boko haram, an Islamist militant group, has caused havoc in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, through a wave of bombings, assassinations and abductions, and is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state.

Adamawa state in Nigeria is one of the northern states that have been afflicted by the Boko haram group in the country. Not only have residents been displaced but also countless lives have been lost in the deadly attacks on the people of Adamawa by the Boko haram Islamist group.

Recently the city of Yola recorded a total of 8000 people who gathered at the Ribadu square for a miracle crusade organised by Christ Embassy aka Believers’ Loveworld. The program which was streamed live on CeFLIX, as it held on Sunday, June 26 witnessed a great turnout of people hungry for a miracle in their state.

The people of Adamawa were encouraged and strengthened as one of the Christ Embassy pastors, Pastor Emmanuel Abbah, taught the congregation about the authority of the Christian and the power in their words.

Soon after the message, the atmosphere became charged with God’s healing power as testimonies sprang from every part of the square as Pastor Emmanuel prayed for the sick.

As always an alter call was made and a total of 700 people gave their hearts to Christ. New converts received copies of the Power of Your Mind, which is one of the Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s best sellers, Rhapsody Bibles and other ministry materials.

In attendance also was a representative of the Commissioner of Police who declared a special exhibition open, during the program.

Hopefully, the expectations of the people of Adamawa were met as they expressed joy and excitement having faith that soon there will be a positive change in their state.

Pastors of Christ Embassy under the leadership of Rev Chris Oyakhilome have definitely been walking in his footsteps, holding programmes worldwide especially in Nigeria who is currently experiencing a downturn in her economy.

It is certain that Nigeria right now needs a miracle and Christ Embassy Church has taken the responsibility under the influence and guidance of Rev. Chris Oyakhilome to bring healing and restoration to the lives of Nigerians, preaching the message of hope which is evident in the crusades being held as people receive healings, which shows that God exists and is able to do that which is asked of Him.