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About Chris Oyakhilome

Rev Chris Oyakhilome founded Believers’ LoveWorld (BLW) back in 1987 while still a student at Ambrose Alli University, Edo State, Nigeria. After he left AAU, he embarked on a mission to extend the reach of his ministry to the whole of Nigeria and beyond. This started with the establishing of the first Christ Embassy church in Lagos in 1990. From then on the ministry has grown exponentially with branches opening up all over Africa and in all continents of the world. Today Rev Chris Oyakhilome’s ministry is experienced on the five continents.

There is an atmosphere of excitement, pregnant with miracles when millions of BLW citizens from all over the world join together for the global communion service or for other Rev Chris Oyakhilome events like the Night of Bliss crusades. During these services the people rejoice in the light of the pastor’s insightful teachings delivered with power and simplicity. They also get to see the Spirit of the Lord move in mighty ways, healing the sick.

Rev Chris Oyakhilome’s ministry also includes the world famousHealing School. During the Healing School sessions, attended by students from all over the world, God’s healing power is unleashed just like it was when Jesus walked this earth. There are numerous testimonies from past students who have experienced deliverance from sicknesses ranging from infertility to different forms of cancer. Soul-stirring music that creates an atmosphere of intimate worship along with nuggets of God’s wisdom from the pastor make these sessions all the more memorable and life-altering.

Besides these events Rev Chris Oyakhilome hosts an International School of Ministry (ISM). Through this institution ministers from different denominations are trained to minister the Word of God in a more effective way. BLW is also involved in the field of child education through its InnerCity Mission for Children NGO. Thanks to this program thousands of destitute children have been able to attend school and enjoy regular meals free of charge.

The Rhapsody of Realities is another way through which Rev Chris Oyakhilome’s ministry has been received. This daily devotional has now been translated into more than 650 languages, enabling readers all over the world to receive God’s truth in the way they best understand.