6 Churches Evolve After Christ Embassy Holds Outreach in Lagos


The Bible says in Mathew 16:18 that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church… and in Acts 19:20 and Acts 12:24 it was recorded that the Word of God grew mightily in other words in spread rapidly and prevailed.

The same can be said of the outreach organised by Christ Embassy zone 1 and IMC4C which impacted lives greatly.

Building atop the avalanche of miracles that characterized Lagos Zone 1 and the Inner City Mission’s DYBIM Yoruba outreach to 15 inner city communities, 6 new churches have been pioneered, fellowships are springing up, and all experience tremendous numeric growth of 204 people in attendance at the first service of the new inner city church.

The inhabitants of these communities were grateful to have a Christ Embassy Church to aid their Christian walk and spiritual growth. One of the new churches recorded 204 people in attendance at the first service, and the testimonies have been awe-inspiring. Churches have started up in Ogombo, Pakuro, Oworonshoki, Bamboo, Meiran and Otumara communities of Lagos state.

Through the outreach, many have received healing and special impartations from the Holy Spirit as they embraced the message of divine health in the video. Already, 1,667 people have received salvation and a total of 13,092 people were reached with the message of our ministry; some of them have started Foundation School, undergone baptism and have been established in the cell system.

In fulfilment of the Great Commission that Jesus Chris gave His disciples before ascending to heaven, the inner city outreach has gone ahead in bringing it to light. More souls are won into the Kingdom of God everyday through reach out campaigns such as these and the results have been remarkable.